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Switching to EMR: Importance and Penalties

Time’s almost up! Is your office ready for the switch to electronic medical records (EMR)? Are all of your paper files scanned and ready to go? If not, you’d better hurry because we are coming down to the wire. Resource Data Management can help with your EMR scanning in Harrisburg, and here are a few reasons you should hire us to start this process sooner rather than later.

The deadline to switch to EMR is 2015. That means if your office’s medical records are not fully digital by 2015, your Medicare reimbursements will be reduced by 1%. This reduction increases by 1% for every year after that, up to 95%.

Meeting this deadline will be tough for a lot of practices and smaller hospitals out there. Plus, EMR scanning and then training employees on how to use the new systems can take several months. It is best to get started as soon as possible, considering the deadline is looming and will be here before you know it.

Other perks of EMR scanning include fewer filing errors. EMR scanning means you will always have a back up of patient files, and there is less of a chance you will lose this valuable information. Plus, in the long run, EMR scanning also means your office will save money on paper, ink and other physical components of a patient’s EMR. And because everything is computerized, there is a lot less paperwork to deal with, which will make your staff members very happy!

And probably the biggest benefit of EMR scanning is fewer prescription drug errors. Prescriptions will be sent to pharmacies electronically, so there is no chance that someone could misread a physician’s handwriting or misunderstand the dosage. The prescription can be compared to a patient’s medical history to ensure the patient is getting the correct medicine and not one he or she is allergic to.

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Document Scanning in Harrisburg: The Process and Why It’s a Good Idea

Are you considering document scanning? Harrisburg?offices can greatly benefit from these services. But why is document scanning such a big deal these days, and why are so many Harrisburg businesses choosing this type of service? Resource Data Management has been a trusted document scanning service for years now, and we’d like to take some time to answer these questions.

Document scanning is a great way to save money, space and time in the long run. Go take a look at your filing cabinets. How many do you have? How much space do they take up? How easy is it to keep them secure and under lock and key? If you go the document scanning route, worrying about these factors could be a thing of the past. You will have more room in your Harrisburg? office for other supplies or furniture, and you won’t be as concerned about whether or not these important documents are secure. This is especially important for those who are in the medical or legal profession, but, really, any Harrisburg business can benefit from having files that are securely stored elsewhere.

Some Harrisburg business owners worry that getting access to their files after they’ve hired a document scanning service will be a hassle. But this definitely isn’t the case! If you go with a reputable document scanning service like Resource Data Management, you will have instant access to your files any time you need it. After we are done with the document scanning, you will get a series of images and text files. From there, you can upload this information into your document imaging software. Does all of this sound like Greek to you? Don’t worry about it at all because we can walk you through this process step-by-step. (Trust us, it’s a lot simpler than it sounds!)

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Are You a Happy Resource Data Management Customer?

Have you ever used Resource Data Management‘s document scanning services, records management services, EMR/EHR services or back office solutions? Are you happy with the service and solutions we provided to you and your business?

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The reason we ask is because word-of-mouth recommendations are some of the best ways for us to generate new business. If you think about it, most people use word-of-mouth recommendations just about every day of their lives. You get recommendations on where to eat, where to get your hair cut, where to take your car when it needs repairs… the list goes on and on! We could spend a ton of money on radio, TV and newspaper ads and we still wouldn’t get the reach that word-of-mouth recommendations can get us. Most businesses rely heavily on this form of free advertising.

So if you would take the time to give us some positive reviews, we would greatly appreciate it! What part of our services did you like the most? Did you feel that one of our team members went above and beyond to make you a happy and satisfied customer? We are interested in hearing about your experience with Resource Data Management!

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Document Scanning in New Jersey

When you’re contemplating if document scanning is something you should look into for your business, it’s easy to get overwhelmed by all of the information out there. Technology seems to move so fast these days, it is sometimes hard to keep up! Resource Data Management provides services like document scanning; New Jersey businesses can count on us to explain what document scanning is all about and how it can help their business and help them save time in the long run.

First of all, document scanning can help your New Jersey business save office space. In this day and age, the more space you can save, the better. Plus, we all want to be environmentally-friendly, so having less paper generated and lying around means you are doing your part to save Mother Earth.

Document scanning can also help you follow strict state and federal regulations, like with HIPAA and the new Affordable Care Act. New Jersey businesses can benefit from document scanning services simply because it could help them avoid costly fines for not adhering to state and federal regulations.

And when you outsource your document scanning services, you are saving yourself time and hassle. Resource Data Management is one of the best in the New Jersey area at document scanning. Not only are we quick and efficient, but all of our document scanning services are safe and secure. If you hire us for these services, you can make sure all of your attention is focused on your New Jersey business, customers and employees; plus it can help free up time in your personal life!

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Electronic Medical Records: Keeping Up with the Affordable Care Act

The 2015 EMR/EHR implementation deadline is swiftly approaching. It may not seem so close but, depending on the size and history of your maintained paper records, this could be a daunting task (to say the least) for some healthcare providers. Though there are a few early hurdles, the industry will be better overall with electronic medical records scanning, Trenton and the surrounding areas especially.

Today, true records management must encompass both digital and non-digital content. Neither a Document Storage and Retention Strategy, nor an Enterprise Content Management System, can meet the requirement autonomously, so companies must effectively manage both physical and digital information to guarantee smooth operations.

How Resource Data Management helps tackle this for healthcare providers:


Interim solution: While you’re in the process of scanning, store your medical documents securely in our records management facility. We can efficiently store and track patient charts in hard-copy format using our advanced bar code technology, and we can quickly retrieve them in the event that a chart is needed.


Whether you choose to store your paper-based charts or scan them all from the beginning, RDM has services to help. We offer outsourced patient chart scanning so you can retrieve medical records directly from your desktop or EMR system, along with Scan on Demand Services to deliver paper-based charts in imaged format.

The bottom line is that the?Affordable Care Act?is just one more imperative step in providing society with the proper healthcare. This includes completing the overdue transition from the out-of-date reliance on paper medical records to the cost-efficiencies and increased patient privacy protections, afforded by ?Resource Data Management’s modern electronic medical scanning.

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